a favored place

patio roses, early autumn, NM

back patio, relative’s house, early fall, central New Mexico, 2016

This is a favorite view from a favorite place: Looking up into the crystalline blue sky and seeing gorgeous and fragrant roses in the hard light of the high altitude desert. This isn’t my view, but the moment pictured above, and many more like it, make it a place I often long to be.

part of my story


This image is of a sculpture depicting some elements of my life; it tells some of my story. The muumuu evokes my mother and my childhood, the ‘island’ conveys my identity as an individual, the blue frame that seems to move as one approaches suggests the blue skies and ‘picture perfect’ fantasies I had of the future I once had.

(‘Island/Home/Earth/Mother’   lino-printed cotton fabric, sand, slip-cast shells, wood, paint, rope)


WalMart Merida

This is a picture of the entrance to WalMart in Merida, Mexico. I find this sculptural element to be really attractive and to be an interesting choice: WalMarts are ubiquitous, it would seem, and offer the same ideology around the world, pretty much, but of all the WalMarts I have been to, this is the first to present an individual identity. (This is the first WalMart I’ve been to in Mexico, but other ‘big box’ stores in Mexico I’ve seen seem to fall in line with their US counterparts–generic. I do realize that my experience is not exhaustive.) There is also an actual sculpture on the site.

My Sweets!


As much as I adore them, I am not quite ready to refer to these pastries as, “beloved.” However, these little lovelies represent times, a place and relationships that I realize I treasure. These are from a pastry shop (the answer to childhood dreams of extravagance!) that I have only ever been to on visits to these people I’ve known through what is, at this point, the majority of my life. I see this picture and think of the enduring connections to these people and their presence through the awful, the good and the not-bad…kind of sweet to me.

from one mold…

Here are several iterations of this female figure; these are variations in material and finishes. The three in the left picture are fresh plaster from the latex mold, the three in the center are painted with gesso (white), spray paint (orange) and house paint (blue). The piece on the right is bronze. This figure was a response to the increasing legislation of the female body in the US.



This is a road to nowhere–literally–so it is always quiet, except for the occasional  hiker, and it is also a place of solitude and contemplation. It’s a place to stop and absorb one’s surroundings and, perhaps, to think of the road ahead…

This road is somewhere in Western North Carolina parklands, Southern Appalachia, USA, in the summer of 2016. Beautiful.