liquid growth


This is the result of molten aluminum being poured over a mountain-like form. I had always  found the volcanic source of Hawai’i, USA, to be fascinating; that was my inspiration for this foundry experiment. At this current moment, of course, we are experiencing explosive growth of the Big Island by ‘liquid earth.’

success unlikely…

paper dolls ceramic shell

This was an attempt to make metal rag dolls–an unlikely combination. At this stage of the casting process, I’d sewn together dolls from fabric, dipped them in wax and then connected them to the structure through which molten metal is poured. This picture is early in the ceramic shell dipping sequence; eventually, a hard, thick shell forms and it’s put in a kiln to melt out the wax. While the shell is still hot, metal is poured in and fills the space to create a casting of the shape. Well, it didn’t work in this case–I didn’t seem to have attached enough wax channels to the form for the molten aluminum to fill the entire void. Maybe. I didn’t really expect it to work, but I was disappointed to throw the misshapen ‘dolls’ into the scrap bin for the next experiment.

crossed lines

thrift store, Franklin, NC

Franklin, NC, right off the main drag  

I took this picture because it seems a strange conglomeration of lines and space: The graphic lines of a rustic cabin, hanging in midair, built with big old bolts and pieces of weathered wood, the weird, trite silhouette of the little pig-tailed girl, the phone lines, the electric lines going up the side of the building, the transformer, the street light, the insulators–yikes!


lotsa sunshine!

sunflowers next door

These flowers greeted me in the late summer last year every time I stepped out the kitchen door. These prolific beauties were a bright delight every morning and I’m hoping my neighbors plant them, in abundance, this year, too. They were lovely.

a favored place

patio roses, early autumn, NM

back patio, relative’s house, early fall, central New Mexico, 2016

This is a favorite view from a favorite place: Looking up into the crystalline blue sky and seeing gorgeous and fragrant roses in the hard light of the high altitude desert. This isn’t my view, but the moment pictured above, and many more like it, make it a place I often long to be.

part of my story


This image is of a sculpture depicting some elements of my life; it tells some of my story. The muumuu evokes my mother and my childhood, the ‘island’ conveys my identity as an individual, the blue frame that seems to move as one approaches suggests the blue skies and ‘picture perfect’ fantasies I had of the future I once had.

(‘Island/Home/Earth/Mother’   lino-printed cotton fabric, sand, slip-cast shells, wood, paint, rope)