Bright, Bold, Beautiful!


The first tithonia of the year! Summer has begun! These gorgeous flowers really made my summer in 2017–this year, I will strive to be as strong and bold as these blossoms are, and to be as good and nurturing of my fellow creatures.

Wish me luck…


6/30/18: I will be shutting down Aleka Art Work in a few weeks. I have another site which will include many elements of AAW. See you there!


These are some poppies that have appeared, unbidden, in my garden. Lovely and fragile, they are a welcome surprise and I hope they are portents of beautiful things to come, in my garden and in the world–there can be no surfeit of beauty in the world.

it’s been very nice


This image is one of my favorites and seems a fitting way to finish this collaborative event, the Weekly Photo Challenge. This picture of a flower patch grown out of bounds captures, I think, some sense of the energy, vibrancy, growth and allure of so many pictures I’ve seen from the WPC. Thanks to the participants for sharing–I’ve enjoyed your work! And thank you to the WP staff for making this space for all of us to share. Good luck!

liquid growth


This is the result of molten aluminum being poured over a mountain-like form. I had always  found the volcanic source of Hawai’i, USA, to be fascinating; that was my inspiration for this foundry experiment. At this current moment, of course, we are experiencing explosive growth of the Big Island by ‘liquid earth.’

success unlikely…

paper dolls ceramic shell

This was an attempt to make metal rag dolls–an unlikely combination. At this stage of the casting process, I’d sewn together dolls from fabric, dipped them in wax and then connected them to the structure through which molten metal is poured. This picture is early in the ceramic shell dipping sequence; eventually, a hard, thick shell forms and it’s put in a kiln to melt out the wax. While the shell is still hot, metal is poured in and fills the space to create a casting of the shape. Well, it didn’t work in this case–I didn’t seem to have attached enough wax channels to the form for the molten aluminum to fill the entire void. Maybe. I didn’t really expect it to work, but I was disappointed to throw the misshapen ‘dolls’ into the scrap bin for the next experiment.