success unlikely…

paper dolls ceramic shell

This was an attempt to make metal rag dolls–an unlikely combination. At this stage of the casting process, I’d sewn together dolls from fabric, dipped them in wax and then connected them to the structure through which molten metal is poured. This picture is early in the ceramic shell dipping sequence; eventually, a hard, thick shell forms and it’s put in a kiln to melt out the wax. While the shell is still hot, metal is poured in and fills the space to create a casting of the shape. Well, it didn’t work in this case–I didn’t seem to have attached enough wax channels to the form for the molten aluminum to fill the entire void. Maybe. I didn’t really expect it to work, but I was disappointed to throw the misshapen ‘dolls’ into the scrap bin for the next experiment.

2 thoughts on “success unlikely…

  1. I’ve had projects that have been the same…but the photo is interesting…and the idea fun. Next time it will work for you.


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