I’m so tired of this low-level hassle…

Wow–the bus driver this morning claimed Nixon wasn’t a criminal–the illegal bombing of Cambodia didn’t seem to count, either–and facetiously asked me if I was “off to earn my Master’s this morning, the question being, master of what,” the person who gives out  IDs at the community college asked me if I went by Alekkeo and the Distance Learning director helpfully pointed out that maybe I had been signed in to the Welding Moodle all along, it’s just that maybe the class listings were in a different order than what I had seen previously so I hadn’t noticed the class. Wow. Piss off a person much, WNC?

These incidents did not damage my life or endanger me, but there is a cumulative effect from the disregard, presumption and condescension that is corrosive to a person’s soul and their feelings about other people. I’m older–so what? bfd. I am in school–so what? All this means I don’t know anything? I’m female–so what? This means my knowledge of history and politics is weak and shallow and too sympathetic? f.u., bozo on the bus. These are the attitudes I encounter so often when I interact with people.

sick of it.