My Li’l Ivy League Artist

I was involved in soliciting artists to come visit undergraduate Sculpture art classes and to give public presentations on their work. One of my related duties was swiping the IDs of those attending the presentations. One the our better-attended artists attracted a more varied than usual audience and I was pleased; some of my near-endless work was paying off! That evening, I swiped the IDs of a few faculty and staff, as well as those of the usual assortment of undergraduate 3D students. I was acquainted with most comers, a few of whom were students in my Intro Art classes even, but I barely knew the new young staff member who approached shortly before the talk started and handed me her ID. I took the card and, when I checked it to swipe it correctly, I saw that it was her Yale student ID. I laughed and handed it back to her. “Wrong school, but I bet that will get you in more places than your BFSU ID will! Ha!”

She visibly winced and said, “I can’t believe I did that. Argh. I’m sooo embarrassed…My ID must be in the shop. Gaaah…So embarrassed.”

“Nah, nah, no  problem; I’ll just swipe you as ‘general public.’ Enjoy the talk.’

She gave me a smirk and disappeared into the auditorium.